Celebration of the Girls in ICT day

International Girls in ICT Day 2017 will be celebrated on 27 April with events around the world aimed at encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of ICTs, while at the same time highlighting the growing importance of digital skills to pursue successful professional careers across sectors.

As this event is coinciding with the Regional Preparatory Meeting (RPM) held in Vilnius, ITU has joined hands with the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) and Kaunas University of Technology to celebrate Girls in ICT in Vilnius as a side event happening in parallel to the RPM, at the same venue. Interactions between participants of both events will be possible – the Girls in ICT and the delegates of Member States handling ICT development in their respective countries. The annual ITU address on this celebration will be given live from Vilnius to girls and young women from around the world by the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau.

Girls from schools in Vilnius and other cities will be invited to a celebration at Holiday Inn Vilnius which will include a talk with practical demonstrations on Virtual and Augmented reality, a presentation of winning projects of Roboticos Olympiad broadcasted to events in Klaipeda, Kaunas, Alytus, Siauliai, Marijampole and an interactive session with the Girls in ICT Day activities in ITU headquarters Geneva and in an event in Lebanon.

Get Online Week 2017

It was the 8th year association “Langas į ateitį” participated in the Get Online Week campaign. The message that we spread through all the activities this year raised awareness on safe technology and the internet usage, managing ones  (digital) identity, skills for the usage of eServices and new skills for jobs because 45% of the European population has an insufficient level of digital skills and situation in Lithuania is similar. To achieve our goals of GOW2017 4 kinds of activities were identified (

  • Participation in the events/activities
  • Registration of your own activity
  • Participation in the contests
  • Learn by yourself and use it later (online training material in our platform

More than 350 activities/events were registered in Lithuania and organized collaborating with National Digital Coalition members ( and a lot of partners including State Employment Agency, Youth job centres, Lithuanian Banking Association, National Library of Lithuania, Lithuanian Consumer Institute, IT company ATEA Baltic, Swedbank, Barclays operational center, initiative”__būsiu“, Lithuanian academic network LITNet, Safer Internet project etc. All partners contributed with the number of activities dedicated to GOW2017 as well as dissemination of the initiative.

During the GOW2017, people were reached through online news portals, radio and social media as well as partners’ and local communities’ websites. Press releases about the GOW2017 initiative were written with the help of our partner PR Service and distributed to BNS news agency. At the same time, our partners have been distributed with distinctive banners that we designed for this special occasion to be published in partners’ websites and social media channels. A home page have been designed and visited through GOW week more than 22 200 times! During GOW 2017 week all public libraries who have computers and their branches (total 1283) used special very first slide on their computer, which invited to participate in GOW events. A combination of public libraries’ web sites and local news portals helped to reach at least 116 237 people.

On the very first day of GOW 2017 Loreta Križinauskienė and Andrius Šaveiko were invited to the main radio station of Lithuania LRT radijas (Opus 3 channel) broadcasted an hour and a half radio show about GOW2017 activities as well as its mission and purpose where we discussed safety online, missing youth digital skills in job market.  A total of 856people were reached via this media channel.

The use of social network (Facebook in particular) helped to reach a lot of people as well. With the help of social networks our partners and we spread the information about the GOW2017 news and activities to at least 19 797 individuals.

A video sharing site YouTube was used to broadcast a webinar “INFORMUOTAS = APGINKLUOTAS” – which was broadcasted from Kaunas by Lithuanian Research and Education Network (LITNET CERT). The webinar “INFORMUOTAS = APGINKLUOTAS” was streamed on March 28 and was joined by 193 schools and libraries (

For GOW2017 purposes 270 posters were designed and printed, more than 1500 souvenirs and prizes were distributed to schools, public libraries, Youth Job Centers and 3rd age university students.

GOW2017 embedded online and offline activities which were proposed by the organizers or implemented by partners. There were more than 350 events organized across the country in public libraries, Youth Job Centers, high schools, NGOs and other institutions.

The GOW2017 was abundant in different events for people of all ages. Events can be divided into separate themes:

  • Events for children about internet safety and ways to deal with cyber bullying, such as “Are you safe in internet?”, “Internet and children”, “Cyber-security: what you should know”.
  • Events for youngsters who are interested in ICT and want to learn more about ICT related professions, such as “I feel better because I know and I know how”, „Personal image in social media“, “Do I have enough digital skills for job”; “Computer literacy: programming in C #, PHP”.
  • Events for adults about cyber-security and “Information security: why you should care?”, “Wild web labyrinths”, “e.Banking: service which facilitates life”
  • Events for seniors about safe ways to use e-services: “eCommerce: what you should know”, “Safe e.Banking”;,“Public sector e-services development: Achievements and Lessons”, “E-services: smart and safe use of electronic services”.
  • 14 volunteers from Barclays operational center chose to visit 14 Youth job centers in different regions of Lithuania.  Over 300 young unemployed people took part in the face- to- face events during which   Barclays bank operational center volunteers shared their experience about digital skills for jobs and organized brain battle on safety online.

One new experienced was used in GOW 2017 – seminars on data security for public servants.  Almost 100 participants.

During GOW2017 events 1351 participants of different age and professions people have registered and completed ICT skills tests and took part in other activities offered on our GOW 2017 site  1050 material downloads by teachers, 4380 participants at the webinar “Informed-armed”, Web We Want teacher handbook had 139 downloads s, the one for teens 137, “Skillage” test solved 161 times, “Are you safe online?” solved by 1,351 people, 828 of them under 12 years old.











Relaunching National Digital Coalition in Lithuania

On 14th February of 2017 in the ministry of Transportation and Communication a relaunch event was organized by NDC Stakeholders and Members, and it was agreed to continue its activities with the newly elected Lithuanian Parliament and government support.

Press release (in Lithuanian):

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NDC fully meets the goals of the newly launched Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition by EC, together with Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and education providers so that to add to the recent challenges –  the high demand for digital skills in Europe which are essential in today’s job market and society.

Commission launches Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition to help Europeans in their career and daily life

On 1st December 2016 the Commission launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, together with Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and education providers, to help meet the high demand for digital skills in Europe which are essential in today’s job market and society.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is one of the ten key initiatives proposed by the Commission under the New Skills Agenda for Europe, presented in June this year. Today a series of partners, including over 30 organisations and groups such as European Digital SME Alliance, ESRI, SAP, ECDL and Google are pledging to further reduce the digital skills gap as part of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The Commission calls on more stakeholders to join the Coalition and endorse its Charter. Members of the Coalition commit to tackling the skills gaps at all levels, from high-level ICT specialist skills to the skills needed by all European citizens to live, work and participate in a digital economy and society. This is both crucial for European industry to remain competitive in the face of rapid advances by its competitors, and for European society to remain inclusive in the digital age.

More information:

National Digital Coalition Memorandum signing ceremony

Following the EU Grand Coalition for Digital jobs initiative the memorandum of the National Digital Coalition for the Promotion of Digital Skills for Jobs in Lithuania will be signed on 7th November in Vilnius.

The stakeholders of National Digital Coalition are Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Vilnius University, Kaunas University of technology and 6 associations. The activities of the National Coalition are coordinated and the relationship with other organizations are maintained by the association “Langas į ateitį“.